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The International MLS [IMLS]® Launches Global Luxury Agents

The International MLS [IMLS]® announced today that it has launched its new Global Luxury Agents product package to agents who become IMLS members

Boca Raton, Florida, May 18, 2022 --( The International MLS [IMLS]® announced today that it has launched its new Global Luxury Agents product package to agents who become IMLS members

IMLS members who choose this opportunity can license the IMLS trademarked brand, market themselves as an IMLS Global Luxury Agent with access to badges and sign riders to help get more listing appointments and then more listings as well as attract more buyers. They also get The IMLS International Search page with residential and commercial listings in 100+ countries and in 100+ languages to have for their own websites to capture client leads to refer to other agents outside their own local markets.

According to The IMLS CEO/Founder Dr. Daniel Nussbaum, "We are happy to announce this new product opportunity which leverages The IMLS trademarks approved by the US Patent and Trademark office and provides agents with a competitive edge to get more listing appointments and more listings. As we like to say, The IMLS is For Luxury and Global Agents & Those That Want To Be, and this product opportunity delivers on that.”

Global Luxury Agents is just one of the many product options that the IMLS offers in addition to the IMLS basic memberships which provide all members with Agent Directory listings in every city they service as well as other products and opportunities that they can access in their individual members' area.

Listings from agents and brokers go on along with IMLS International Search pages distributed globally on thousands of other agent and broker sites across the country and around the world automatically. Additionally, agents can choose to syndicate their listings to 100+ global real estate portals in 60+ countries that attract an estimated 145,000,000 viewers a month.

The IMLS global technology platforms address the growing concerns about the direction of the real estate industry by making certain core ethical promises. The IMLS never advertises other agents on a personal member’s listing page, and if a consumer is interested in a property, only that listing agent will receive the lead.

The IMLS initiative is about putting the real estate market back in the hands of agents and brokers. This commercial syndication opportunity is expected to expand IMLS memberships significantly and continues IMLS expansion throughout the world.

“The growth of The IMLS has been exponential as we have grown from an estimated 17,000 members to almost 250,000 in the last 24 months, and we expect further significant growth ahead with associations, MLSs, brokers, agents, and developers participating. We have now tied together with our residential, syndication, developers, and commercial platforms together as originally envisioned for the industry.

Our goal has been and remains to bring the real estate world closer together by serving the best interests of all concerned. We believe that agents and brokers will see all the strategic advantages of joining in with The IMLS global initiative,” said Dr. Nussbaum.

About The International MLS [IMLS]®

The International MLS [IMLS]® is a real estate technology company and a global portal and products platform serving agents, brokers, associations, developers, buyers, and sellers around the world. Based in Boca Raton Florida, The IMLS has listings in 100+ countries available in 100+ languages and The IMLS enables agents to have all listings for their own websites. The IMLS empowers all agents and brokers to display international property listings knowing that commissions can be made on any sale which is generated by their IMLS search through referral agreements with other agents around the world and now has almost 250,000 members. More information about The International MLS [IMLS]® and all its services can be found on