IMLS Rules

You warrant that you are a licensed agent/broker professional in the state, region, country you conduct your activities when it is required by law, and agree to abide by The IMLS guidelines as well as the Terms and Conditions as posted on the web site. You also agree to abide by the International Ethics Standard as published on their website

As the listing agent, you may supply The IMLS with digital information material of the listings with property details and photos and permit The IMLS to market these properties internationally. You warrant that these listings are yours under written agreements and agree to provide The IMLS with accurate information. Listing agent also agrees to remove any sold property within 72 hours, and listings need updating every 90 days.

No For Sale By Owner listings are accepted in the USA, and all USA residential listings must first be entered into the local MLS.

You agree to not share your access to the listing platform with any other agent or broker without written permission.

The Property description area may only contain a description of the property, its features, its location or community, specific terms to or exclusions from a sale (or lease), or legally required statements. The following are NOT allowed to appear in the property description: Street Address, Gate/Alarm Codes, Lockbox Comb , FSBO, Vacant, Open House Information, Email Addresses,Web site Addresses [URLS's], , Phone Numbers, Agent, Assistant, Company name, CO-Lister or Owner Names, or any language that violates Fair Housing/HUD Guidelines.Violators will be banned from further use.

Your listings will also be on other agent and broker sites and they may wish to refer you a client. When possible, we encourage you to post the normal referral fee that you might pay another agent and to honor that upon a successful transaction. Failure to pay a referral fee to another agent when previously agreed upon may result in being banned from The IMLS with no allowance for any refund.

Terms of Service For IMLS Searches

The International MLS facilitates real estate listings through licensed real estate agents and brokers who have the right to market properties for new home developments and resale properties located throughout the world (herein the "Properties"). You state that you are a licensed real estate professional in the state or country, when required by law, filled out on your registration form and desire to participate in the program described herein upon the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Your IMLS search widget will provide leads to you when a person goes on your web site and registers seeking more information about a property listing. As a licensed agent/broker, it is then your opportunity to refer this customer as you choose and make any/all arrangements with another agent or broker on your own and negotiate directly with that agent. The IMLS is not involved in any referrals made and has no legal or financial interest in any transaction between two agents/brokers.

Agent warrants and represents that he/she/it is an independent professional duly licensed as required by law, and that neither party nor its agents / licensees have any prior working relationship with The IMLS.

The agent/broker declares and acknowledges that the execution of this Agreement does not imply any business, partnership or other working relationship with us other than as expressly set forth herein.

Agent/broker for itself and its agents, representatives and licensees irrevocably waives any action or cause of action that may now or in the future exist with respect to any damage, loss, claim or action, of any type or nature he/she/it could have, present or future, against us, its subsidiaries or related companies, as well as with its officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents and/or stockholders.

If you agree to the terms herein and wish to participate in our sales program as described herein, and can accept the terms and conditions set forth herein, your registration for the search widget indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. The Agreement herein shall be valid for as long as you are an IMLS member. We may terminate with cause. If not previously terminated, this Agreement will be renewed automatically on the renewal date unless previously canceled in writing. The IMLS reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.

This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, USA. This Agreement represents the entire understanding of the parties and supersedes all prior oral or written agreements.

In the event of a dispute between the parties regarding this Agreement and/or their relationship (of any type or nature whatsoever) the same shall be resolved by binding arbitration before the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its then commercial rules at its Boca Raton Regional Office. The arbitration award may be entered as a judgment in a court of competent jurisdiction, which the parties stipulate shall be the Palm Beach County Superior Court or the United Stated District Court in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. The arbitrator shall award the prevailing party its actual attorney's fees.