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About The International MLS [IMLS]

By Brokers --- For Brokers

Putting the POWER of the listings BACK into the hands of the LISTING BROKER

Commission Share Platform

  • Post your properties for in return for a referral fee on a lead which becomes a sale from The IMLS.
  • Brokers may send XML data feeds with all office listings and/or agents may post their USA listings manually with Broker approval.
  • All USA property listings must first be entered in a local MLS and have an MLS# if there is a local MLS.
  • The IMLS is only available for property listings by licensed agents and brokers.
  • Global visibility for all of your property listings on the first IMLS search delivered to hundreds of thousands of websites across the U.S. and around the world.
  • The IMLS exports your listings to around 300 international real estate portals, with all leads sent back to the listing agent or broker.


  • Earn referral income from your unbranded IMLS search on your website when a lead generates a sale.
  • Gain prestige with access for your clients to thousands of resale properties and new international developments which are displayed on YOUR web site as if they are YOURS!
  • The IMLS compliments your local IDX, so you can exclude the local regions by state or region.
  • Thousands and thousands of international resale properties, with more being added all the time.

The International MLS [IMLS] is a Commission Share Platform offering a FREE IMLS search for all agents to share referral commissions. It has around 200,000 property listings in 50 countries. The IMLS provides property listings the ability to be on HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of websites, empowering all agents and brokers around the world to share in commissions.

The International MLS [IMLS] enables listing brokers to once again have control from their listings back in their hands, as well as have the potential of earning both sides of the transaction and to be able to provide excellent service to clients as they would know the property and the area in which they service.

This is accomplished by sending the leads generated from all listings accepted and posted on to The IMLS directly to the listing agency, and has needed to be developed differently than the traditional MLS as it is obvious that an agent in Miami will not be accompanying or representing a buyer who wants to buy property in Greece, and vice-versa, yet still empowers the world's real estate agents to share in their web traffic all f the clients and property listings in order to generate more referral commissions.

Presently in the USA, when using the traditional MLS, listing brokers typically pay 50% commission to any agent who brings the buyer. Using the IMLS, buyers are sent directly back to you—the Listing Broker. This allows you to keep control of the client to buy your properties or another one, and your agents still make money, while enabling referring agents to earn income from any client lead which becomes a sale.

Our purpose is to bring the world closer together and increase sales for agencies throughout the world by empowering all agents and brokers to display international property listings---knowing that they can make commissions on a any sale which is generated by their IMLS search. It eliminates any need for agents to know the logistics of selling outside their own country or region, as it is the local agency experts who will handle all clients and their needs.

TheInternationalRealty.com [The International Realty, Inc.] will earn referral commissions on each transaction, and share this with agents all over the world through the automated platform and IMLS search platform available to any real estate agent in the world.

We have TWO main goals ---

To promote all of your property listings throughout the world---exposing them to the largest possible web traffic---generating clients who wish to buy property.

Delivering The IMLS FREE Search everywhere throughout the world--as any agent or broker can earn money on any lead which becomes a sale---while doing NO work.

Please contact us to discuss this further and to receive our marketing and referral agreement so we may begin to post all of your property listings.

Advantages of the IMLS:

  1. Everyone in the world can have the IMLS Search on their web site for FREE, providing commissions for each referred client.
  2. FIRST International search being delivered around the world for FREE, providing commissions for each referred client.
  3. ALL client leads sent to the Listing Broker allowing clients to buy your homes or other homes.
  4. Created to empower agents and brokers worldwide to gain maximum exposure for their property listings---while enabling agents to make commissions on sales anywhere in the world---while doing NO work at all.
  5. The IMLS syndicates all listings internationally to more than 300 of the top real estate portals allowing for maximum worldwide visibility.
  6. Distribution of the IMLS widget globally which benefits the Listing Broker and the home seller through lead generation. This search is currently available on www.TheInternationalMLS.com.
  7. Ability to attract International buyers from anywhere in the world, at any time.
  8. Complimentary to your Local IDX search as listings from other areas in your country may be displayed, and the ability to exclude the listings on The IMLS search in your region or state.
  9. Listings by the TOP agencies in the world are sent in electronically, so all listings are fresh, current, and up to date.

*Listings posted on the IMLS are received from The International Realty, Inc. through referral and marketing agreements with Agencies and must be approved by The International Realty, Inc. The International Realty, Inc. retains the rights to all decisions regarding acceptance into this service and program. Due to the reliance of everyone within the system, this is NOT open to everyone as far as getting the leads --- since commissions are shared, leads are tracked etc.

Why Agents And Brokers Are Adopting The IMLS Search

  • Around 200,000 property listings from more than 55 countries are displayed on their web site as if they are THEIR listings and growing rapidly. The IMLS search is completely UNbranded.
  • Perfect compliment to their local search as they can exclude either their country or local state or region's listings.
  • Ability to earn generous commissions on referred clients. Sales commissions paid on their client lead resulting in a closed sale.
  • Lead referrals generated by the IMLS search widget are protected and registered with us and all of our developers and agencies as
    THEIR clients, and they are notified of the lead and sale!
  • The prestige of knowing that their clients will have access to new, pre-screened international resorts and developments displayed as their own, and thousands of resale properties around the world.
  • Billions of USD worth of International Real Estate developments throughout the world, with more to follow.
  • Top Local agency experts in each region servicing clients to help close sales.
  • Instantaneous international real estate business.

Property Buyers

The IMLS enables consumers to search for properties not only on www.TheInternationalRealty.com and www.TheInternationalMLS.com, but also on many web sites throughout the world. The search and property database now has more than 100,000 properties in 55 countries OUTSIDE the USA, and USA properties and the USA search is coming very soon along with many more countries to choose from.. From Mexico to Thailand, from Central America to Europe, The IMLS has many properties to choose from, along with TOP agencies in each locale ready to assist you in the process of purchasing your property. If you do not see a particular property of interest in your desired area, please just let us know by filling out a property request for that area, and the local agent will be able to assist you further.

Property Sellers

The IMLS can give your properties far greater exposure than simply listing your property with an agent locally and hoping that they find you a buyer, as The IMLS search is found on many web sites throughout the world. From Florida to Spain, from France to Los Angeles, the IMLS search has already been delivered to agents and brokers throughout the world. Additionally, TheInternationalMLS.com has its property listings syndicated to about 300 real estate portals globally via electronic data export feeds.

Let us help you locate an agency that has the rights to list properties on the IMLS. These agencies are pre-screened as to their professionalism and stature in each region before being approved and signed with TheInternationalRealty.com.

For the greatest exposure of your property, placing (listing) your property on the IMLS along with the traditional, but limited, local MLS in the USA will not only increase your property's exposure throughout the world but also speed the time it takes to sell your property.


The International Multiple Listing Service [IMLS] is a means by which authorized IMLS Broker participants establish legal relationships with other participants by making a blanket unilateral contractual offer of compensation and cooperation to other Broker participants and is a facility for the orderly correlation and dissemination of listing information among the participants so that they may better serve their clients, customers, and the public. Entitlement to compensation is determined by the cooperating agent's performance as a procuring cause of the sale of real property. In order to receive any referral fee commissions, brokers warrant that they are licensed and may receive these commissions by the laws in which they are licensed, and the IMLS acts as a facilitator for real estate transactions and is not involved in any of the real estate transactions. The IMLS asks that brokers disclose any referral fees paid to anyone, as required by law.

The IMLS is not a collectively owned unit by an association, but a privately funded, privately owned company bringing together the world's most important agencies and the public's desire to see international properties. The IMLS has as its objectives to always listen to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace, whether it be brokers or customers. There is an understanding by The IMLS of the need to listen to the top international brokers and agencies in establishing further guidelines as time goes on, as ultimately it is the marketplace of consumers and agents cooperating together which will make it successful.


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