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Signing up to be an agent/broker IMLS participant is easy! Just follow the steps below...

To obtain your FREE IMLS Master Account to receive access to get your FREE IMLS search OR for USA licensed agents/brokers who want to post their USA property listings manually:

Step 1: Complete your registration details and agree to our terms of service which includes protecting all of your leads.

Step 2: Complete the process by confirming your e-mail address and receiving your Master Account approval. This verification e-mail will take you directly to the IMLS Master Account area where you'll be able to obtain your FREE IMLS search widget to be deployed with full instructions at any of your designated web sites and you can place this search on as many web sites as you like.

Please note that we have now added one more area to help you customize your widget settings. You can now exclude a country and region out of your widget selections. Just navigate to the tab labeled "Set Your IMLS Search Exclude Area," select the country and region from the pull down menu that you would like to omit out of your widget selections and Save. In addition, you can also include a City to exclude if you would like to narrow your exclusion settings further.

NOTE: To post your property listings, you must first sign up and log in and then you can access the List Your Properties section. All USA listings must be submitted into the local MLS prior to posting and must be entered with the local MLS#. Broker approval is required for all USA agents wishing to list their properties.

IMLS Search

  • Earn generous commissions on your referred clients off of your IMLS search widgets... and we do ALL THE WORK along with the local agencies!
  • Perfect compliment to your local search as you can exclude your local country or region's listings.
  • Lead referrals generated by your IMLS Search widget are protected and registered to all of our agencies and developers as YOUR clients, and you are notified about the lead and the SALE
  • Gain prestige with access for your clients to thousands of resale properties and new international developments which are displayed on YOUR web site as if they are YOURS!
  • Billions of $USD worth of international new home developments around the world.
  • Thousands and thousands of international resale properties, with more being added all the time.

USA Agents/Brokers Post Your Property Listings

  • Global visibility for all of your property listings on the IMLS search, as well as by our exporting data feeds to around 300 International real estate portals.
  • All leads are sent back to you and only you
  • Soon to deliver 52,000 IMLS searches to ONE major USA agency network
  • Agents and brokers around the world can earn income just by having the IMLS search on their web site and generating a lead which becomes a sale.
  • International portals with the IMLS include www.1Casa.com, http://go-to-france.co.uk and www.PrudentialFloridaRealty.com
  • First page Google for "International MLS"
  • Listings will be visible all across the USA and around the world

IMLS Search Support Issues - email  support@theinternationalmls.com


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